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Long before we had the ability to record and verify stats with screen shots, and long before the ridiculous idea to start this site, we here at had some legendary players.  These players were gritty and played super hard.  These players won awards and even championships.  Unfortunately we did not keep full time stats on these players.  We only have memories with some recorded scratchy writing in notebooks.  Here is a look at the 3 greatest over the years:


Timothy Rosen

Timothy Rosen #49

Timothy Rosen


#49 Timothy Rosen (born September 10th 1977 Long Branch, NJ) played from 1995-2004 with the New York Rangers.  Rosen is the cousin of Ted Kupchik.  Rosen was drafted at age of 17  #9 overall after playing with the New Jersey AAU team.  Rosen is 5’11 and his playing weight fluctuated between 195 and 240 pounds.  He played Right Wing and shot right handed.  He was a 7 time all-star with the Rangers.  Rosen was known for his extremely scrappy play and regularly would double as not only the Rangers leading goal scorer, but the teams enforcer.  On more than a few occasions it was mentioned that Rosen may have had the hardest shot in the NHL.  Rosen played on the USA Men’s Ice Hockey team that took gold in the 1996 World Cup.  He also won the Gold Medal with the US Olympic team in 2002. (TSS Version)


#49 Tim Rosen

Timothy Rosen


Rosen retired in 2004 losing interest in hockey, feeling he had a long enough and successful career.  Rosen decided he wanted to go on a spiritual quest around the world looking for different forms of elightenment.  He is also known to follow the rock band Phish.  Rosen started the Tim Rosen Foundation in 2008 dedicated to furthering the teachings of the Maharishi.  Rosen has also taken on the name of “Temaiaists”. which is the long form of his full name, Timothy Eugene Maxwellhouse Armegedon It Albequerque Intelligence Soak The Sin Rosen.  His #49 has since been retired by the New York Rangers.


Timothy Rosen Career Highlights

7 Time NHL Eastern Conference All Star

1996 World Cup Gold Medal Gold Medal

Gold Medal


2002 Olympic Games Gold Medal


John Schirmer

#77 John Schirmer (Born December 6th 1975 Old Bridge, NJ) played with the Dallas Stars from 1995-1999 and then with the New Jersey Devils from 1999-2006.  Standing 6’4 about 220 pounds Schirmer was drafted by Dallas and played as a defenseman.  Schirmer was known to have a knack of going to clear the puck from mid ice and somehow putting it on net, many times surprising the goaltender for a quick score.  He was the captain of the Stars and later the Devils.


#77 Schirmer

John Schirmer Jersey


Schirmer’s Dallas Stars played the Boston Bruins in 2 straight Stanley Cup Finals in 1997 and 98 and lost both times in 4 games.  The 2nd matchup being among the most famous in NHL (TSS) history as the Boston Goalie scored the winning goal.  After signing as a free agent with his hometown team, the New Jersey Devils, Schirmer peaked.  He was always known as an offensive defenseman leading the league year after year in defenseman scoring.  With the Devils however, he also refined his defensive play and won the Norris Trophy as the leagues best defenseman winning the award in 3 consecutive years from 2002 to 2004.  In 2003 Schirmer’s Devils overpowered the Boston Bruins in 6 games and went on to defeat the Anaheim Ducks in 2003 to win the Stanley Cup.  Schirmer’s play earned him the Conn Smythe Trophy.  Schirmer also took gold with the US Men’s Ice Hockey team winning the 1996 World Cup and again with the US Olympic team in 2002. (TSS Version)

Schirmer retired in 2007 to manage his record company and up and coming recording studio.  His label now holds the record for most #1 singles in the world of  He currently resides in Nashville, TN and is rumored to be one of the next featured judges on American Idol.

John Schirmer Career Highlights


2003 Stanley Cup Champion (Defeated Anaheim 4-2)


Totallyserioussports Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup Champion


2003 Conn Smythe Trophy Winner


Totallyseriousspors Conn Smythe

Conn Smythe Trophy


Norris Trophy Winner 2002, 2003, 2004 Norris Trophy

Norris Trophy


1996 World Cup Gold Medal Gold Medal

Gold Medal


2002 Olympic Games Gold Medal


Johnny Vowteras


Legend of Johnn V

#34 Johnny Vowteras


#34 Johnny Vowteras (Born June 1976 Neptune, NJ) better known as “The Legend of Johnny V“, was a Fullback with the New York Giants ( version) in the EA Sports Madden game.  Vowteras was an outstanding 3 sport star in Hockey, Baseball, and Football.  Vowteras is the cousin of Ted Kupchik, and Timothy Rosen.  Vowteras was thought in his youth to have the best chance out of his family to play pro sports.  Kupchik once remarked that Vowteras defeated him in every game in every sport they ever played against each other.

Johnny earned his nickname “The Legend of Johnny V” after becoming a hero in his home town by catching a known child molestor by the name of Joe Grammy.  Grammy was preying on children in a local park when Vowteras confronted him.  The perp would routinely drive a yellow Yugo and video tape children he was going to abduct paralyzing the local town with fear.  On this occasion Vowteras saw Grammy taping and went to the car and ripped the perp out of the car and leveled him to the ground.  He then confiscated Grammy’s video which was found to have the man engaging in sick acts with minors.  Grammy was found guilty to multiple counts of child abuse and sentenced to 25 years without parole.  “Legend of Johnny V” was originally stated by the local tv reporter as he reported the story on the news. The name stuck and has become legendary.

After 4 very successful years with the Alabama Crimson Tide (TSS Version Class of 99), Vowteras was drafted by the Giants in the 1st round.   In EA Sports NCAA 99 Vowteras won the Heisman Trophy. “Legend of Johnny V” played for the New York Giants as a fullback from 2000-2007. played Madden seasons endlessly during this period and had too many duplicate stats to keep track. We played and replayed seasons over and over so unfortunately “Legend of Johnny V” remains just that.. a legend!  Johnny’s son Johnny Vowteras Jr. hopes to start as a QB with Alabama in the near future.

Johnny Vowteras Career Highlights


Heisman Trophy Winner 1999 Heisman Trophy

Heisman Trophy


This Wiki is based on fictional players. These are events that happened within the context of a video game and within the realm of a fictional world. Nothing written here should be taken as a actual real world event, except within the said video game.

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