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"The Mayor" Peter Belgoody Jr.

“The Mayor” Peter Belgoody Jr.


Peter Belgoody Jr. “The Mayor” (Born 1984 Tromaville, NJ) is a professional head coach for the Moncton Wildcats in the version of the EA Sports NHL Series. Belgoody had mixed results in his first season coaching the Wildcats, finishing with a .500 record and losing in the first round of the playoffs to the Victoriaville Tigres in 7 games.

Season Recap of Moncton Wildcats 2012-2013

Belgoody’s character as head coach of the Wildcats is directly taken from one of’s favorite movie The Toxic Avenger.  In the movie, Belgoody is the mayor of Tromaville, NJ who ends up getting his guts ripped out by Melvin Ferd (The Toxic Avenger) during the movies climax scene.

Belgoody’s style is one of constantly making changes until results come about. His favorite quote is “Better Living through Chemistry.” Belgoody rotated his goalies, changed lines on a daily basis, and even changed his offensive system in 2013 during mid season to one of more pinching on the blue line by his defensemen, in a dire attempt to increase offensive production.

Belgoody began his career coaching at the Wall Ice Rink in Wall, NJ. Being too fat to tie his skates, Belgoody impressed his fellow coaches by developing a way to lace his skates with a hockey stick. Belgoody also won a bet with one of his players that if the team won their game that night he would eat over 20 hot dogs in one sitting, one for each player on the team. This stunt went over so well that Belgoody made this a ritual after every team win and the amateur team went on to win 11 games in a row. This took a toll on Belgoody however, as he did have to undergo an emergency stomach staple due to the tremendous weight he put on in a very short period of time. Belgoody was already at this time morbidly obese.

In the off season Belgoody resides in Hollywood, FL.

Peter Belgoody Jr.

Peter Belgoody Jr.





Regular Season

2012-13 GP 68 W 30 L 30 OTL 8 Points 68 Made Playoffs Finished 11th in League Standings


2012-13 GP 7 W 3 L 4 Lost in 1st Round to Victoriaville



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