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Tobias Stevens (Born September 18, 1995 Anaheim, CA) is a Goaltender currently playing for the Moncton Wildcats of the QMJHL (Totallyserioussports.com version) as played with the EA Sports NHL Series. Stevens was initially considered to be a big time prospect with an huge potential upside. Scouts liked his leadership and aggressive play in net. Stevens however floundered in his first season with Moncton losing his starting spot towards the end of the regular season. Stevens did recover with a strong post season despite an early playoff exit. Stevens upcoming season with the Wildcats will be a key one for his development and future as a professional goalie.  Stevens was age 17 during his first full year in the Quebec Major Junior League.


Tobias Stevens

Tobias Stevens



Tobias was born in a hippy commune in the Anaheim area. His parents are Father Thomas Stevens (a former Offspring roadie), and Mother Kathy Stevens. Kathy is better known by her hippie name “Leaflets”, because she became well known in the Socal area for creating numerous leaflets dedicated to furthering the cause of “Bagism“.

From a young age Tobias grew up emulating Anaheim goalies Jean Sebastien Giguere, and Ilya Bryzgalov. He is also a big fan of Jonas Hiller.  He is considered to play a hybrid style of goaltending that combines the butterfly technique and a traditional standup goalie approach.


Stevens was made the starting netminder by Coach Peter Belgoody Jr. after a very strong training camp. Stevens, however had very mixed results right out of the gate and the Wildcats struggled to get back to .500 all season. He was pulled during games on multiple occasions and had the lowest save percentage in the QMJHL, right around 84%. Stevens lost his starting role down the stretch to Etienne Marcoux. At one point in the season the Moncton Free Press did an article on him and his aggressive goaltending traits wondering if he was too easily baited into taking unnecessary chances. They also mentioned his billet and whether she was doing her best to keep him underwraps off the ice. The billet (someone who takes in the junior player during the season) was rumored to allow Stevens to party many nights after hours and even would go out partying with him. These accusations Stevens and the team denied.

In the playoffs, Stevens and the Wildcats were eliminated in 7 games against The Victoriaville Tigres. Stevens however almost single-handily won the series coming in after Marcoux struggled, coming in and recorded 2 shutouts.  Stevens could not finish The Tigres and was removed in game 7 after a terrible start when Victoriaville scored 3 goals against him in the opening period. This again raised questions about his consistency.

Recap of the Wilcats 2012-13 Season





2012-13 Regular Season

GP 40 Wins 15 Losses 25 GAA 3.09 SV%84.72 SO 1

2012-13 Playoffs

GP 6 Wins 3 Losses 2 GAA 1.69 SO 2


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