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Mikhail Kupchik (Born June 3, 1994 Kiev, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian professional ice hockey player, currently playing for the Arizona Coyotes of the National Hockey League (NHL).   Kupchik previously was named 2014 MVP of the DEL German Ice Hockey League. This came in his second season after Kupchik had a successful rookie season scoring 25 goals for the Freezers leading all rookies in goal scored. He did this despite missing over 7 weeks of the season due to two separate injuries his rookie year. Mikhail is the cousin of EA Sports NHL Series Legend Ted Kupchik.  Kupchik also has a younger brother Petr, who is being touted as a future prospect of international hockey.

Mikhail Kupchik Profile

Mikhail Kupchik Profile

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Kupchik started his career in 2010-2011, playing in the U18 Junior leauge with the team Sokil Kyiv in Kiev, Ukraine.  In 2 years with Sokil, Kupchik led his team in goals and points and was heavily recruited by the KHL, NHL, and SM-LIIGA.  Kupchik was judged to have some filling out to do as he is still considered to be growing into his body.  in 2012, Kupchik signed a 1 year contract to play professionally with Hamburg.


Kupchik immediately established himself as the team’s #1 center and excelled offensively.  In 33 games Kupchik recorded 25 goals.  At one point in the season he was near the lead league in goals when he went down with an injury after a knee on knee collision again Dusseldorf EG.  After missing over a month Kupchik returned triumphantly, recording a goal and and assist in a win against the Hannover Scorpions. Later in the season Kupchik again hurt his leg after a check from Moritz Muller of Kolner Haie.  Kupchik was checked from behind after a shot wide of the net, and fell awkwardly into the boards.  Kupchik would miss the last 3 weeks of the season and the first game of the playoffs. He returned for game 2 of the opening round. Kupchik still managed to finish 2nd in the league in goals and points despite the time missed.


Kupchik missed the 1st game of the playoffs due to the leg but then was able to return to the playoffs. Kupchik played every game their after and led the DEL in scoring for the 2013 playoffs.  In the finals he did record a hat trick in game 2 of the finals again Berlin.  Kupchik and Co. went on to dominate Berlin and win the DEL Championship for the 2012-2013 season.  Kupchik was named Rookie of the Year by the DEL writers association.


A huge surprise for Hamburg fans was the break out of defenseman Paul Stacy. Paul took Mikhail under his wing on the ice and their chemistry paid dividends. Kupchik and Stacy combined for a plus/minus together of over +75. This combo proved to be the most dynamic in the league as the duo was 1-2 in power play goals and Hamburg’s power play set a record for 50% success with a man advantage.  In the playoffs the two combined for a +16 in the 14 games played.


In his spare time, Kupchik has developed a serious reputation as a teen idol and has released two albums in his native Ukraine. Both charted in the Ukrainian top ten.  In the summer of 2012 before signing with Hamburg, Kupchik did a short tour of the Ukraine playing to halls in Odessa, Kiev, and Donbass.  During this tour teenage girls screamed “Я хочу дать мои трусики вам шпильки!” Translated in English to “I want to give my panties to you stud!” Kupchik plans to record a third album in near future with a more techno downbeat oriented sound.


In 2014 Mikhail reached his potential leading the DEL with 49 goals and capturing the scoring crown.  He took his team the Freezers to the finals where they were beaten by Berlin in 3 straight games.  Kupchik was celebrated by Hamburg fans as one of the greatest stars the team has ever had, and they were wowed by his exciting goal scoring prowess.  That being said, after being last years golden boy Hamburg’s media was a bit down on him. Writers pointed out how Kupchik only had 2 goals on the Power Play all regular season long, and it became a constant theme on sports radio. They did relent when Kupchik seemed to turn up the intensity with 4 Power Play goals however in the DEL Playoffs.  Even more critical of Kupchik was the German Media in general during the DEL finals where he was thrown out of game 2 against Berlin. After losing a fight against D-Man Adrian Aucoin, both were ejected for the brawl.  Kupchik admitted after the game he was at fault for not controlling his temper.  German writers and TV broadcasters felt Kupchik was immature in his actions.  Despite the shortcomings in the Post Season, Kupchik was named the DEL MVP for 2014.

Kupchik enters the summer of 2014 as a free agent and is reportedly being recruited heavily by NHL teams.  He also has 2 younger brothers who are coming of age and he has stated his hope to one day play with them.  Kupchik is supposedly releasing his third album this summer, in addition he is also contributing to the Ukraine Peace Movement in an effort to ease tensions in his home country.

After taking a year off to work on humanitarian issues, and dabbling in local Ukraine politics, Kupchik announced he was going to the Arizona Coyotes for the 2015 season and beyond.  Kupchik signed a 3 year-13 million contract with a 4 year option.  Kupchik is joining 2nd year star Kanye Westfall, and rookie goal tender Tobias Stevens.  Most exciting, Kupchik’s teammate from The Hamberg Freezers; Paul Stacy has also signed a 1 year contract with Arizona.


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