We Have Been Waiting For This Moment All Our Lives!

We Have Been Waiting For This Moment All Our Lives!

Fan Commentary By A Freezers Mega Fan


Tonight we toast!  Toast to the Hamburg Freezers who are finally Champion of The DEL.  We will toast to the fact that they brought the offense all season.  We toast that they set a record for power play goals.  We are going to take a drink to salute the courage the team had to battle hard every night, to throwing their bodies when it needed to be thrown, and throwing the gloves down if that is what it took.  Tonight we drink and toast because WE HAMBURG ARE CHAMPIONS!  ::Que Freddie Mercury::

So many times we have watched teams come into Hamburg and over match us.  Yes we have had good teams.  We often make the playoffs.  It is just someone is always better.  Well, they were better but not anymore!  Now it is our time to drink from the DEL Cup.

We have only been in the league since 2002 so even though it has not been that long it has seemed like an eternity.  To me, it HAS been an eternity.  We often go to the pub and drink long into the night and curse Berlin for winning so many championships, then the cursing turns inward and we end up cursing our own team.  But no more.

We toast to management finding guys like the great rookie Mikhail Kupchik.  That guy has a great future ahead of him.  I can’t imagine that it is going to last long as some big league team is going to snatch him up, but for now he is ours.  He is our Ukrainian Idol.  We also toast to the true grit of our captain Serge Aubin, the grinding nature of Brendan Brooks, and Brandon Reid.  These guys were critical in banging and mashing.  They have been so good at making the right shot at the right time.

Of course we toast to Paul Stacy. Afterall he is the Playoff MVP!  I don’t know where he came from and I cannot tell you I know where he is going, but he never needs to buy a drink, a hooker, or a joint here in Hamburg ever again.  We love him.  We felt invincible. Have you ever gone into a game or a job and you have full confidence you were going to get it done?  Have you ever had a clear vision that you were going to succeed at the end of the day?  Well we feel that way every time that guy is on the ice.  We will continue to make jokes about him breaking legs for the mob, (not true, hope not!) but that guy is our friggin hero!

Finally we toast to John Curry.  Yes, we almost threw him down a black hole and exiled him to Siberia.  Yes we questioned him, and even yelled at him when he was letting in one goal after another for those few games in the playoffs.  But after it is all said and done, he is a winner.  He represents Hamburg and its fans. We have our ups and downs, and sometimes we are there but our heads are somewhere else. We still want to prove we can be as good as anyone.  This year we proved we are even better than anyone!

So pour another Hefeweizen and lets cheers all night together. We earned it!  Hamburg we earned it!



DEL 13 CUP Champions: Hamburg Freezers


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