Welcome to Totally Serious Sports!  We here are so serious about our sports that in all actuality we are really not serious at all.  First up, this site is not real!  Well, yes it is real because it does exist, but the players, stars, and games talked about on this site are all a work of fiction. It is truly a game within a game. Yes many of the players and teams in the video games are real but the created players are just that… Created! Here without further wait is the about us:

Here’s the Story

Since I was a kid I have been playing sports games. I have beaten Mike Tyson, Won the Techmo Bowl both I and II, created a whole team on Baseball Stars, Played RBI till my Nintendo controller fell apart and of course I have lived in the Madden game for long periods of time. My absolute favorite game however is the EA Sports NHL series.  I have been playing it since 1993 I think. The best thing that ever happened was in 95 when you could create your own guy and keep track of the stats and standings.  Ever since then, I have been keeping a recorded detail of my seasons and star player stats. These are real results of games played over the years!  I will acknowledge that much of it is a blur, but thankfully I was able to write down my stats and I can now bring them officially here. I figured it would be cool to start recording and reliving my life in the video game and from here on out I can do that.  Is it self-indulgent? Yeah probably.  Do I take this serious? Well yeah, but only in my own head.


EA Sports Logo

EA Sports Logo

Please Know:

This is all in fun!

Gretzky's head bleed

Just like these Dudes!

It is not real!

Please don’t email me or contact me telling me about how you can kick my ass at this game. I’m sure you could!  This is just me having played against friends or the computer. That’s it!

Please don’t email or contact me telling me about how these stats are bogus and so and so won the Cup during year X. Don’t you think I know that? I fully understand that in real life the Hawks beat my Bruins in 6 games this year.  But, in my little EA world the Bruins won the cup taking down Dallas in 4 games!


Sometimes with certain guys I will skip ahead a few seasons. You may notice I am posting stats for the 14-15 season in certain cases. Well yes I am. Because I will play multiple seasons with multiple leagues.

NHL 95

NHL 95

I have skipped some years on the NHL game series. For example I don’t think I ever got NHL 2005 and a few others, and I took a long break from about 2003-2011.  Because I played so many seasons in the 95 version or 97 or 02 for example, I did end up playing many seasons ahead.  Thankfully, my friend Brendan got me back in the loop for 12.  And I am even more grateful to my wife who got me 13 for Valentine’s Day this year! She has been sorry ever since!!!


Screen Shot from NHL 13

Many times you will see that the story or stats include (TSS) or ( version. That means the stats or story was played or created by us.

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  1. Irving Krellboing July 15, 2013 at 12:55 am #

    Great site! Congratulations on your 12 Stanley Cup victories! I have always been a huge fan of the Bruins! And Bobby Orr was my childhood idol! Ted Kupchik will surely be in the Hocky Hall of Fame!

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