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Welcome to the Star Page! Below is a list of all the EA Sports Created Players who we here have come to love and enjoy with a full Wiki Description. These are legends who will capture your imagination.  These players are base on either real people or totally made up fictional characters.  Although we will focus mainly on the EA Sports NHL Series, depending on what else we are playing at the time, we may include Madden, NCAA, or even FIFA characters as well.

These are our created stars:

#1 Ted Kupchik Boston Bruins 1994-2006, 2012-2014. Helsinki Jokerit 2014-2015.

 #76 Paul Stacy- Hamburg Freezers 2012-

#10 Mikhail Kupchik- Hamburg Freezers 2012-

 #36 Tobias Stevens- Moncton Wildcats 2012

 Coach Peter Belgoody Jr. “The Mayor”

Retired Legends of Totally Serious Sports


This Wiki is based on totally fictional players. These are events that happened within the context of a video game and within the realm of a fictional world.  Nothing written here should be taken as a actual real world event, except within the said video game.

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