2013-14 SEASON

2013-14 Season


NHL 2013-14

NHL 2013-14


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Here is a run down of the current seasons we are running for the 2013-14 Season. We are going to try to play all games on the dates they are supposed to be played and update accordingly.  The staff here at Totallyserioussports.com does have an outside life so we will not be perfect, but we will do our best.  Below are not only the league and mode we are playing in, but also the superstar who will be featured.  Enjoy!


“Live the Life” NHL Kanye Westfall- Phoenix Coyotes 2013-14  Rookie Year

Phoenix Coyotes 2013-14

Phoenix Coyotes




DEL Mikhail Kupchik- Hamburg Freezers 2013-14 Year 2

Stacy's current team, The Hamburg Freezers

Hamburg Freezers 2013-14




SM-LIIGA Paul Stacy- HIFK 2013-14 Year 1 (coming soon)

HIFK 2013-14

HIFK 2013-14





QMJHL- Coach Peter Belgoody Jr. and Tobias Stevens- Moncton Wildcats 2013-14 Year 2

Moncton Wildcats 2013-14

Moncton Wildcats 2013-14



2012-13 Season Archive


*You may have seen on Totallyserioussports.com that we already have stats  in some cases for 2013-14 and even 2014-15.  Well as explained elsewhere, we skipped ahead. Unfortunately it was before we had this site, so we cannot fully document everything that has come before. What happened was that we loved the NHL series so much that we skipped ahead and played multiple seasons in some cases.  We are sorry, but we are really not sorry!  We love the game. If loving EA Sports NHL series is wrong, then dang it.. we don’t want to be right.


This Page is based on a fictional games and players. These are events that happened within the context of a video game and within the realm of a fictional world.  Nothing written here should be taken as a actual real world event, except within the said video game.

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