Paul Stacy Signs With HIFK of SM-LIIGA

Paul Stacy Signs With HIFK of SM-LIIGA


Paul Stacy Game Winner

Paul Stacy


Paul Stacy is moving on. After a record breaking season with the Hamburg Freezers of the DEL League, Paul Stacy has decided to move over to the SM-LIIGA for the 2013-14 season and has signed with HIFK out of Helsinki, Finland.  Stacy signed a 1 year contract and expects to compliment the hard nosed, defensive minded team.  The Team President of HIFK was very excited and stated that he felt that Stacy would ad a great offensive spark to the defense first team.  HIFK is hoping to use Stacy to bolster its Power Play.





Stacy was very emotional leaving Hamburg.  Stacy’s season not only resulted in a championship, but restarted what was a once promising career.  Earlier in Stacy’s career he did have some personal problems, but both Stacy and HIFK feel that those are long behind him and they are super excited to bring him to Helsinki.

DEL fans, while very sad to see Stacy go, had expected that Stacy would be in high demand.  No one was surprised, but there was a sense of sorrow. Contributor Franz Gruber had this to say:

“We here in Hamburg are going to be terribly sorry to see him go.  He brought such a dramatic flare to this city there is no way it will ever be forgotten.  Stacy’s presence turned our mindsets from one of doormats to the winning teams, to THE WINNING TEAM.  It is something he directly help instill in this team and city, and I don’t expect it to go away any time soon.


This Post is based on a fictional player. These are events that happened within the context of a video game and within the realm of a fictional world.  Nothing written here should be taken as a actual real world event, except within the said video game.

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