NHL 14 “Live the Life” Training Camp

NHL 14 “Live the Life” Training Camp


Early reports out of Phoenix Coyote training camp suggest that the 3rd line is going to look quite a bit different this season.  Pictures coming out of camp show Andy Miele centering a line with Brett Hextall on the left wing and rookie Kanye Westfall on the right.  We don’t know if any of these players are going to be on the team after camp breaks, but these 3 are definitely working hard and in contention to make the team.  They will start the preseason as the 3rd line.

Kanye Westfall Training Camp



Westfall is a highly touted prospect from upstate NY.  Many are expecting him to be the next big thing, but when asked he did not see it like that.

“Nah man.. just trying to do my best. I wanna make the team. I want to prove to all the huckleberries out there that I can play in this league. One way or another and it might be this year it might not. I’m planning on being here. I am hoping to call Phoenix home for quite awhile.”

Phoenix begins the preseason on September 23rd against San Jose here in Phoenix.



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