NHL 14 “Live the Life” End of Coyotes Preseason

NHL 14 “Live the Life” End of Coyotes Preseason

Glendale, AZ


It was a rough and rugged preseason.  The kind where everyone feels like they need to prove something.  The kind where everyone is fighting for a spot.  Doesn’t matter whether you hold the top post or your the 18th man on the roster, everyone was clawing for their spot and it showed in the Coyotes preseason play.  They did good. Real good.  Winning all their games except one.  Along the way, they out hit, and generally out played their opponents.

One player who did make the team was rookie Kanye Westfall.  He played the third line throughout the exhibition season, but he looked like a guy whose future destiny is the top line.  He was the leading banger on the team.  He also stood up for his teammates fighting 3 different times.  Though he didn’t always win his teammates definitely respected the fact that he stuck up for them.

“I definitely want to stick up for my teammates but it starts with sticking up for myself.  If I’m banging all game, not only my team but the opposing team notices.  If I’m doing my job, chances are we are doing our job of controlling the puck and getting shots on goal.  That equals goals in my mind.  That equals WINS in my mind.”

Yes it does.  They won the majority of the time and they put the puck in the net. A lot.

They averaged over 4 goals a game in the pre season, and you would think the D might suffer because of the high scoring but it didn’t.  There was constant rotating of lines and you saw many players paired with many players, sort of like a line dance, changing partners as they went.  For example, Westfall was paired with Mike Ribeiro and Anton Vermette towards the end after starting with Andy Miele and Brett Hextall.  Yes that is certainly a jump up.  Apparently the Coyotes brass was impressed as well, as here is what they said (told from sources)




So, soon the real season starts.  It is then we will know if Kanye and Co are for real.  Are they going to bring the desert heat, or are they just a bit of refreshment in a drying oasis?  It is just about game time fellas.  Welcome to the 2013-14 NHL Season!




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