Hamburg Freezers Team Report- September 2013

Hamburg Freezers Team Report- September 2013

Hamburg, Germany


So far the Freezers are an offensive machine.  They have arguably the best player in all of DEL.  They are the reigning DEL Champions and so far they have picked up right from where they left off last year.  They have a new goalie, and are minus the DEL MVP, but it still has been business as usual.  Moving into October, The Freezers are sitting atop the DEL with a 5-1 record, recording 15 points.  Their only loss coming on the road to the Ice Tigers.  There has been a lot more banging from this years addition of the Freezers, and it is not just coming from leading hitter Christophe Schubert.  It seems to be coming from the top line on down.

The Good

Mikhail Kupchik is leading the league in scoring.  He has 14 points in 6 games so far, and 10 of those points are goals.  He is picking up right where he left off from last year, but he also appears to have toughened up.  He has 14 hits in these games and it is setting a much harder tone.  Last year teams took runs at him with the feeling he was frail.  Not anymore.  He has toughened up a bit, and hopefully he will stay healthy throughout the season.  His teammates have all gotten involved as his line mates Collins and Murphy have also been banging away.  Christophe Schubert has been leading the D and the team, consistently delivering bone jarring hits.

The Bad

Duvie Westcott was a huge part of the team finishing 3rd in points last year.  He obviously no longer has Paul Stacy, but his D has suffered as well. He has been relegated to the 2nd line D with Patrick Koppchen.  This is not by any means a bad tandem but if they are not going to jump into the offense then they need to step on D.  The Freezers play a highly offensive game, but these 2 have to be the back stop if Hamburg wants to win.

The Ugly

New goalie Dimitrij Kotschnew was brought in to tend the pipes, replacing last years scapegoat John Curry.  Congrats! Kotschnew is the new scapegoat.  His play has not been terrible, but unless you are a world class netminder the goalies in this system have a very hard time looking good.  He has a GAA of 2.00 so far which is actually very good.  On paper its fantastic, but the goals he has allowed have have been of the softer variety.

Grade: A-

Kupchik is the best player in the German League.  He is clearly the class of the league and I see him going to Russia or North America next year.  He has also put a lot more stock into his Defensive play,  but the team is still giving up chances due to the run and gun style the play.  Can they keep up the wins all season?  We shall see.





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