Freezers Quite Chippy in Splitting First 2 Games

Freezers Quite Chippy in Splitting First 2 Games


Game 1

Hamburg Freezers Defeat Wolfsburg Grizzly Adams 3-0

Played in Hamburg


The opening game of the season was played at home with The Hamburg Freezers raising the banner on the 2012-13 DEL Cup Championship.  After a wonderful celebration that featured a huge amount of noise and cheer it was time to get down to business and start the 13-14 season.

We quickly noticed that with Paul Stacy leaving for Finland the Freezers took a much more defensive tone.  We did not see too many D lapses where the opposing team controlled the puck in the Hamburg zone for a long period of time.  We also noticed that Mikhail Kupchik has stepped up and taken up the leadership role for this team.  His actions spoke loud as he protected his teammate Matthieu Roy and took on former teammate Alexander Polaczek. Despite not getting the better of Polaczek, Kupchik proved that he is ready to fight in the trenches with his team.  He also recorded a goal in the game as did Brandon Reid,.  Newcomer Matt Pittinger had a goal and assist.

New goalie Dimitij Kotschnew was very solid turning in 17 saves and recording a shut out.  Solid game all around for the Freezers.


Mikhail Kupchik

Mikhail Kupchik





Kupchik vs Polaczek

Kupchik vs Polaczek









Game 2


Nuremburg Ice Tigers  Defeat Hamburg Freezers 3-2

Played in Nuremburg


After the hoopla and hype surrounding the home opener,  The Freezers traveled to Nuremburg to take on the Ice Tigers.  In this game the Freezers continued their new defensive, hard hitting mindset.  In the 1st period Nuremburg fans got a bit irritated as Freezers forward Rob Collins took a run at the Ice Tigers goalie and leveled him.  That could have resulted in a major penalty but somehow it was missed by the DEL referees.  The Nuremburg crowd did not forgive Collins, booing him endlessly the rest of the night.

Mikhail Kupchik of the Freezers opened the scoring on a wrist shot after he managed to break through and get past the Nuremburg D.  Sweet goal!  Early on it looked like the Freezers physical game was going to cause dominance.  They out hit the Tigers in this game by a 5 to 1 margin.  Their physical play however. did them in this game.

The Freezers took 3 straight penalties in period 2 and Nuremburg scored a power play goal, but more importantly led a charge that allowed them to control the play as the Freezers were forced to constantly defend.  The Ice Tigers ended up scoring 3 times in the 2nd and Hamburg just would not be able to make up the difference.  They will have to control the physical play and not take bad penalties on a regular basis to again rule the DEL this season.


Getting Out of the Box

Getting Out of the Box














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