Club World Cup Coming Soon for NHL 17?

EA Sports Club World Cup Coming in 2016?




With the Olympics this year, and the fanaticism over the World Cup for Soccer, is toying with the idea of adding a Club World Cup for the beginning of fall of 2016.  The tournament would be World Cup style with a pool of teams followed by elimination rounds.  The feeling is that the Olympics have become the equivalent of Hockey’s World Cup so the Club Cup would happen in between the Olympic years.


Team competing will be champions from NHL, DEL, AHL, CHL, SEL, and others from the prior season.  It remains to be seen if the KHL will come out to play.  This is not official, and things could change, but the staff at is in love with the idea.  The contest is considered to be a week to 2 weeks in September before the respective teams regular seasons begin.  Still 2 years away.. but let the dreaming begin!

Can you imagine the matchups?  Let’s look at just a few of the champs from this year in EA Sports NHL 14 version.

NHL- Boston Bruins

DEL- Berlin

HIFK- Lahti Pelicans

Maybe throw in Modo from Sweeden, or a team from the Czech League.  Maybe The Providence Baby Bruins.  Ooh, can you imagine Milan Lucic laying a nasty hit on a player from the Barrie Colts?

Stay tuned…

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